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Here she is! It's the original clit stimming slags FFF (fanny friend forever). The Lelo SONA SONIC is your entry level Sona for all the basic bitches looking to get their end away. Just like her big sisters, the Cruise and the Sonic 2, this incredible clit sucking beauty uses cutting edge technology to deliver sonic pulses and waves to your clit and stimulates your pleasure bean to its very core. In fact, it stimulates 75% more of your clitoris than your average vibrator. Just place the ‘mouth’ over your clitoris and let the waves of intense pleasure wash over your minge. 

As we are passionate about wanking and female self pleasure, we've pledged to keep this model at the lowest price we possibly can to make it as accessible to as many women as possible. Take it from two seasoned clit stim slags - YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS PURCHASE!

Fun fanny facts:

  • features eight different and intensely pleasurable settings, so you can find the perfect sensation for you.
  • 100% waterproof and super easy to clean.
  • made from body safe silicone
  • Rechargeable via USB


Lelo Sona Sonic Clitoral Massager

SKU: N11477
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