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The RMC retreat

Hands down, the highlight of the RMC year - it's our bi-annual weekend yoga retreats. 

With yoga workshops, reiki, beautiful surroundings, gorgeous food (that you don't have to make yourself!), hot tubs and the BEST company, it's a chance to completely switch off from the stresses of everyday life and breatheeeeee!

Catering to all levels of fitness, it doesn't matter if you're a total yoga novice or you queef in a downward dog, your fanny farts are welcomed here. The classes are focused on restoration and rejuvination, not how far you can get your legs behind your ears.

And best yet, staying in luxury accomodation, you might even get a full nights sleep without a child kicking you in the tits. 

So leave the kids behind for 48hrs of unadulterated, guilt free YOU time and leave feeling fully restored and relaxed. Well, at least until you get home and the kids ruin it all.

Find out about our April retreat here

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