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RMC Events

Imagine walking into a room of the most welcoming, warm, beautiful bunch of bints and every single one of them accepting you for who you are.

No falseness, no pretentious BS, just down to earth women from all walks of life who will listen, laugh and twerk into the night with you. 


And don't worry if you're a socially anxious bitch - the anxiety of saying the wrong thing or making a tit of yourself will soon wear off after five minutes in the company of the RMC slags. 

Plus, we're sober friendly too, with a large portion of our girls alcohol free. Equally, if you love a tipple, you'll be in good company - anything goes at an RMC event.

You will leave will aching cheeks from all the laughter and your cup full to the brim.

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No events at the moment
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